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Skyn ICELAND: Skincare for stressed skin

5 Oct

This. Stuff. Will. Kinda. Change. Your. Life.

Everyone can relate to stressed skin. Old people, young people, short people, tall people, (insert any adjective here) people. Which is why this is a genius concept–skincare that actually addresses the stuff that stresses out your skin, like wind, heat, actual stress, hormones, etc. etc. I’ve just incorporated their Glacial Face Wash with Biospheric Complex ($30) into my skincare regimen, and damn, my face feels refreshed! Every time I wash my face I feel like I’m getting pampered at a luxurious spa in Iceland. It’s so gentle and creamy and refreshing. I actually look forward to washing my face, even on nights when I come back at 3 am and just want to crawl under the pillows.

It gets better. The Nordic Skin Peel pads ($45) are perfect for after cleansing. There are 60 little, circular pads chalk-full-of exfoliating complexes, fruit extracts, and Icelandic Magic. After wiping my face with one of these, I felt like a dozen cherubs were floating around my face and blowing on it. Amazing, right? It was super tingly, in the best possible way.

Mid terms are coming up. Yuck. That’s why I’m excited to combat stressed, droopy, dull skin with these products.


EradiKate: Day 13

13 Sep

As you may or may not know, I’ve been testin’ out Kate Somerville’s EradiKate, which is her sulfur-based spot treatment. It’s a weird pinkish type sediment that sits at the bottom of a little bottle, with a clear liquid on top. You aren’t supposed to shake it, so just stick in a Q-tip and put it on wherevz.

And oh my gawd, it’s working wonders! First of all, it’s preventative. I haven’t had any nasty new breakouts. Second of all, it treats those m***** f****** like crazy! Without drying out your skin. I love this stuff. It’s definitely going to be a permanent player in my morning routine.

EradiKate : Day 5

6 Sep

Some people spend their whole lives looking for the perfect mate. Others spend their whole lives looking for fulfillment and happiness. And others, ie me, spend their whole lives looking for the perfect spot treatment.

And in my 19 years, I have yet to find one.

Which is why when I got Kate Somerville’s EradiKate, a sulfur based acne treatment, I didn’t expect much. I’ve learned to not get my hopes up so as not to get disappointed. Yeah, I’m jaded.

In any case, I’ve been on Eradikate for five days, and I actually really like it. You dip a Q-tip into the bottom of the little jar, where all of the pink sediment is, and then you swab it over problem areas. It tingles at first, but then your skin gets used to it. I can imagine though, that if you have super sensitive skin, this may be a problem. But for me, the treatment wasn’t at all drying. On fact, the pinkness of the solution worked almost like a concealer, and neutralized the redness of my blemishes / acne scars, and left a nice base over which to apply my foundation.

In terms of spot reduction, well, it’s only been five days. I’ll keep yall updated. But right now, I like what I see. I definitely haven’t gotten any new pimples, and I think I discern a slight decrease in existing ones.

I’ll check in again on day 10.

Can this make all of our dreams come true?

20 Aug

Can you make James Franco fall in love with me?

I don’t know about all of them, but definitely some.

I’ve been intrigued by Perfékt for a while–I love the idea of effective skin care simplified. So  I checked out their Skin Perfection Gel, which promises to, well, perfekt your skin. A lofty ambition, but sounds reasonable enough. This product also says (yes, products speak) you will no longer “need to hide behind traditional foundations, primers, color correctors, or powders.”

Squeal! Wouldn’t it be amazing to have only ONE product that does EVERYTHING (moisturize, tone, cover-up, smooth, reduce redness etc etc etc)? That would make me the happiest woman alive.

So let’s see: does the Skin Perfection Gel live up to its promises?

While I won’t be giving up my foundation, moisturizer, and concealer anytime soon, this tube is full of the stuff that dreams are made of. I don’t know about you, but my dreams are made of reduced redness, smoother complexions, and healthy glows. It gives me a really luminous, air-brushed finish. It’s texture is so moussey, and it goes on like silk (a little goes a long way since it’s not diluted with water). The only problem is that because it makes my skin so smooth, I keep wanting to touch it. And we all know that fingers on the face leads to very bad things.

This gel comes in five different shades, including translucent.

Back-to-school skin care regimen

14 Aug

I’ve found myself (and my skin) becoming very tired of all the chemical nonsense I use. Don’t get me wrong– chemical nonsense can often works better than the natural stuff. But I’m on an all-natural kick, and I’m in the mood to treat my skin to something organic and gentle.

Which is why I looooves The Body Shop’s new(ish) Tea Tree skin care line, which utilizes Community Trade (yay!) tea tree oil, lemon tea tree, and tamanu oil to prevent blemishes, clear skin, and control excess oil. Here are my top pics:

  1. Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash, $13. This creamy facial scrub gently exfoliates to remove all the crap that gets stuck in your pores. It smells of lovely lemon tea tree oil and crushed apricot stones, which exfoliate and condition.
  2. Tea Tree Face Mask, $15. I love this product. Put it on your face for 10 minutes, and feel the soothing effect of the Madagascan tamanu oil, which calms irritation and redness. The menthol creates an icy fresh tingle that is quite refreshing. When you wash this off, you’ll be glowing so much that people will start asking you if you’re pregnant.
  3. Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion, $18. I moisturize my skin just as much as I floss. Which is to say never. I know, I know, this is really bad, so I’ve tried to start getting in the routine of moisturizing (not flossing. I refuse to floss). I love this lotion. It really visibly improves the appearance of your skin over night, both controlling oil and moisturizing at the same time.

Quadruple threat: Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser

25 Jul

Tinted moisturizer is a girl's best friend.

I am always reluctant to use moisturizer — I have oily skin, so I always figured adding more oil to my face was not the best idea. Turns out, moisturizers don’t have to have oil, and they don’t have to make you shiny, and, they can actually give you coverage. Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer is really spectacular. Oil-free, lightweight, SPF, and moisturizing, there is nothing that this tube can’t do for your face. It’s a summer essential, when you need to retain moisture and protect yourself from the sun but don’t want to look slimy and disgusting.

Product: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

Price: $42

Grade: A

Comments: Head of the class.

Make-up for men

23 Jul

The NY Times published an article in this week’s style section on men wearing makeup, and not necessarily eyeliner of Jack Sparrow / emo rocker fame. Rather, men are increasingly interested in “mattifacation,” the process of reducing the appearance of oiliness on their faces. The market research firm Mintil predicts that 36 new mattifying moisturisers for men will hit the market in 2010. And as a whole, the men’s grooming market (didn’t know this even existed) is really booming.

Jason Chen, grooming editor at GQ, writes, “If your face is oily and sweaty, it looks like you’re not in the control of the situation. Men are not going to powder their faces or walk around with those oil-blotting tissues that women carry, but a mattifying moisturizer is something you can just slap on in the morning. It’s sort of a way for men to have make-up without having makeup.”

Sounds reasonable.

But can’t Jason Chen come up with a better title than “grooming” editor? I feel like the word “grooming” universally has an animal connotation.


23 Jul

Stella McCartney, Fall 2010. (Courtesy of Elle)

Beauty for the butt

16 Jul

Remember this classic SNL commercial, for Coin Slot Cream? I do. This is just to remind everyone what Lindsay once was and what she can be if we just believe in her!

Not the good kind of rebellion

13 Jul

Unfortunately underwhelming.

I am a proud buyer of Benefit Cosmetics. First and foremost because I adore their packaging. I mean, who wouldn’t want to buy a product called Hello Flawless or Some Kind of Gorgeous? However, I was more than disappointed with Benefit’s tinted moisturizer, You Rebel. At first glance it looked perfect–SPF protection, light coverage, subtle moisture. But unfortunately when I put it on my face, any person who stood in front of me could see their reflection in my forehead. In other words, I shone like the top of the Chrysler Building. In other words, You Rebel made me look greasy and provided very minimal coverage. I also accidentally got some in my eye and it really burned, but I guess that’s my fault.

Product: You Rebel

Price: $30

Grade: C-

Comment: You would have done better if you tried a little harder.