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Fit Me! Foundation

18 Mar

I am such a sucker for good advertising, and Maybelline definitely wowed me with the campaign for their new Fit Me! line of foundations. First of all, the packaging is super minimalist, and thus looks high end and fancy. I love good packaging. Second of all, they promise a foundation that doesn’t just cover-up and that really fits to your exact skin tone. I think it’s pretty sweet they have matching concealers and blush recommendations that fit along with whatever your foundation shade is.

I bought me some today in shade 130, and I’m really impressed. The product is lightweight, yet provides a good amount of coverage and smoothes over any redness/blemishes that I have. There’s also SPF 20, for maximum anti-aging effects (I”m 20, I need to start thinking about this!) Bottom line: It made my skin look great–fresh, smooth, almost dewy, and natural. For only $6.99, this may become my new foundation staple. Sorry Lorac.


Fatty Lash vs. Falsies

16 Mar


I’ve always been a fan of Urban Decay’s Fatty Lash. It feels like such an indulgence, celebrating and promoting fatness for at least one part of my body. And the mascara does plump up my lashes, without making them morbidly obese or gloppy. Fatty Lash also lengthens and defines fairly well, though it really delivers best in the volume department, which is what I like best.

I’ve heard a lot about Maybelline’s Falsies. Whenever my friend Evin wears it, I always complement her luscious, thick, and sassy lashes. I would have loved to make the switch to Falsies, considering the much more palatable price tag ($7.49 vs. $20). For some reason it didn’t work for me – my lashes clumped together and the mascara spread around all over my eye.  I didn’t get the volume or definition I wanted.

I guess the moral of this story is that all lashes are different? I assumed because Falsies worked so fabulously on my friend they’d work fabulously on me. False.