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The people have spoken

9 Aug

The lovely people at Jezebel asked readers what beauty products were worth spending on, and which were totally okay to pick up at the drugstore. As you can imagine, everybody had their own idea about what products were worth the extra $$. Here’s Jezebel’s summary of what readers had to say:

Foundation: Many commenters noted that foundation was one of the products they felt was worth the extra cash. As commenter Sir notes, “Foundation sits on a large part of your face all day, so you should splurge on something non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, breathable, long-lasting, comfortable and cruelty free. A good foundation will provide better, more natural-looking coverage. It’ll probably last longer too since you’ll need less product to get your degrees of coverage (light/medium/heavy).”
Department Store Favorites: Make Up Forever, Bare Minerals, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, Clinique
Drug Store Favorites: L’Oreal True Match, Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear, L’Oreal Bare Naturale

Lipstick/Lip Gloss: Lipstick was also worth spending extra on, according to many readers. MAC lipstick, in particular, seemed to garner quite a bit of praise. As ClassiqueMisdirection writes, “I recommend MAC because it’s the cheapest high(er) end brand with *great* pigment and it stays on so well! Even when it starts coming off, it doesn’t look gross, it just sort of fades gracefully. Plus, you can try them on before purchase unlike drugstore lipsticks.”
Department Store Favorites: MAC, NARS, Dior
Drug Store Favorites: Lip Smackers, Burt’s Bees

Eye Liner: Our readers seemed to be split on whether or not eye liner was worth spending more for, so again, it comes down to a matter of personal preference.
Department Store Favorites:MAC Fluidline, Urban Decay
Drug Store Favorites: Rimmel, Almay, Revlon Colorstay

Eye Shadow Eye shadow was another product that seemed to split down the middle: some commenters recommended picking up a department store primer, like Urban Decay’s, in order to make drugstore shadows last longer.
Department Store Favorites: MAC, NARS, Stila, Urban Decay
Drug Store Favorites: L’Oreal H.I.P., Maybelline

Mascara: When it comes to mascara, however, drugstore brands were preferred by most. “The stuff in the drugstore is pretty much identical to the stuff in the department store,” writes commenter keyamarie, “It is mostly about technique. Plus, it really should be thrown out every 3 months, and who wants to do that to a $25 tube?”
Department Store Favorites: Diorshow, Lancome Definicils, YSL Faux Cils
Drug Store Favorites: Cover Girl Lash Blast, Maybelline Full N’ Soft, L’Oreal Voluminous, Maybelline Great Lash

There were so many detailed recommendations in yesterday’s thread that it was hard to narrow it down, so I’d recommend scrolling through and reading the very thorough recommendations of your fellow readers. What it all comes down to, really, is trial and error: the benefit of department store cosmetics, for many, was the opportunity to try things on before purchasing them, though it’s also good to keep in mind that some drugstores, like Rite-Aid, offer refunds on beauty products. The one uniting thread that seemed to run through most of yesterday’s comments was the tendency for commenters to mix high and low—there are effective cosmetics in every price range, and in the end, it’s up to you to determine what’s really worth the money.


Fekking obsessed with Fekkai

5 Aug

So I’ve already sang the praises of Fekkai’s glossing cream, which is the perfect product for kicking humiditiy’s ass and maintaining smooth and silky hair. Just work this product into damp, clean hair and it works its wonders.

But why stop there? Fekkai has a lovely conditioner/shampoo that goes with this cream, and this trio all together works really fabulously. The shampoo has grape extract, sunflower seed extract, and olive oil. That sounds really good, right? Not exactly sure what they are supposed to do, but whatever they do, it works.

The shampoo and conditioner are basically good for all hair types–thin, thick, colored, curly, straight. Because everybody wants glossy, lush locks.

Not all is well in Parad’eyes

3 Aug

I have been eyeing liquid eyeliner for ages. But I have always been frightened, as I have an extremely unsteady hand and the chances of me pulling off a smooth, clean line seemed highly unlikely. That’s why I always opt for kohl, where a little smudge is all part of the look. But I’m 19 now, and I figured it’s about time I conquered my fears.

I decided to go for a deep blue. I know this is a tricky color to pull off, but I really think it makes my brown eyes pop. I ended up with Givenchy’s Parad’eyes Fluid Eyeliner, my first Givenchy product ever.

Not going to lie, I was kinda disappointed. The color, Blue lagoon, was really fabulous and highly pigmented. But the liquid itself was fairly watery and didn’t really stay put. It got on my lashes, too. Smears very easily, and is def not waterproof.

That said, I know a lot of people that swear by this product, and I’m assuming that these people don’t have spastic hands like I do.

I think my stint with liquid liners is officially over, unless someone can recommend me a foolproof one.

Product: Givenchy Parad’Eyes Fluid Eye Liner

Price: $27

Grade: B-

Comments: Did not live up to it’s potential.

Birth of Burberry cosmetics

27 Jul

Your fav trench coat makers and one of the top knocked-off brands is coming out with a new cosmetics line. Their palates are light, natural, and classic, with an emphasis on nude shades. The packaging is stellar, with their signature pattern ingrained on the make-up itself.  The line has just debuted in Nordstrom’s, but will branch out into other high-end department stores later next year. Lip pencils run at $24, foundation at $59. Which is a lot.

Chief creative officer of Burberry, Christopher Bailey, says of the launch:

It all started because I felt that, at shows and the shoots, the whole [Burberry] attitude is epitomised through the shoes, the bags, the clothes, the accessories, but then the face was the one thing I really struggled with. When we were doing make-up, I felt like we weren’t able to get the right attitude. It was either caked-on make-up or then just the wrong colours, the wrong tones, the wrong spirit for make-up. I wanted it to be this kind of effortless elegance.”

Effortless elegance sounds good to me. I’m excited to check these products out ASAP.



Splurge of the week / my lifetime

15 Jul

Ordinarily I am a very prudent shopper. When I enter a store, I immediately put my head down and march to the back where the sales are (you think I’m exaggerating…). Yet when it comes to make-up, none of my normal rules apply.

So...I'd like to be her.

I’ve been eying Chanel’s new lipstick, Coco Rouge, ever since it launched early this year. Billboards and magazines and subway stops were plastered with this strangely alluring ad, that convinced me that if I bought this lipstick, I would become exactly like the model.

That turned out to be false, but the lipstick is really great. I’m normally not a lipstick person. In fact the last time I wore lipstick was for my middle school’s production of Ann of Green Gables, for which I played towns person #53. But Coco Rouge isn’t over dramatic and doesn’t give me that I’m-7-and-I’m-wearing-my-mother’s-lipstick look. And it’s actually more moisturizing than chapstick (then again, I think chapstick is a scam and actually makes lips chapter).

Product: Chanel Coco Rouge (shade 26)

Price: $30

Grade: A-

Comments: I hope you still have some leftover Bah Mitzvah money because this is totally worth it.