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Where’s spring?

1 Apr

Add some edge and go for a pastel smoky eye.

Here are some must have beauty products for spring, when it finally decides to come.

1)   Tinted moisturizer. Light coverage is what it’s all about this season. Bonus points for SPF—the suns getting stronger everyday (hard to believe now, but…) and the number one tip universally of beauty editors is to SPF everyday to keep your skin young looking.

— Top Picks: Allison Raffaele, Laura Mercier, Hope in a Tinted Moisturizer

2)   Brown mascara. Lighten up your look, naturally. Have people notice your eyelashes being mad long, full, and curled without being able to guess that you’re wearing mascara.

— Top Picks: BECCA

3)   Pastel shades: This time of year reminds me of easter eggs and babies dressed in pastel-colored easter dresses. Maybe that’s just me. How does this relate to what color eye shadow you wear? The bottom line is that bright, pastel shades are hot for spring. Just make sure you don’t overdo it  by doing it on your lips, too.

— Top Picks: MAC and Sephora have a wide range of affordable eye shadows.

4)   Fruity frangrances: The key here is to not go crazy. You’ll want to choose a fragrance with subtle, fruity undertones.

— Top Pics: Fresh offers a ton of scrumptious scents with fruity notes.


[Gaby’s take] Pink eyeshadow

26 Mar

Review by guest blogger Gabriela Gutierrez:

In two words, I would describe my fashion as “rainbow prostitute.” The shorter the tighter the sparkly-er the mo’ better—that’s what I always say.  Despite this, I’ve only recently started wearing makeup (or at least more makeup than tinted lip gloss and two quick strokes of mascara).  As a newly-deflowered-makeup-virgin, one of the most exciting discoveries has been eye shadow, and I like rub it on with all the vigor of the seven-year-old who, while playing dress-up, stumbles upon mommy’s makeup bag.  My shadow collection has grown to include, teal, purple, green, white, and more purple shadow among other punchy colors.

I was a bit skeptical about pink eye shadow, which seemed a little too Lady-Gaga-with-conjunctivitis even for me, BUT I was totally converted after using Mac’s Rani Frost eye shadow, a loud and shimmery fuchsia. Even when smeared on with about the same skill as that seven-year-old, I received compliments all day, from girls and even a few boys. Cute and playful enough for the daytime, flirty and sassy enough for nighttime, this color is appropriate for more occasions than I would ever expected—I’ve been wearing it day n’ night for the past three days to class, to work, and to parties.  Again, as a newbie I was unsure whether to use a brush or rub it on with a finger and so experimented with both: with a brush I got a richer more saturated color that I paired with purple liner a coat of mascara, and with my finger I applied less for a subtler glowy daytime look.  If you’re like me and love glitter and bright colors, (especially several bright colors at the same time) this shade is a must.

Can’t stop, won’t stop

23 Mar

My name is Maria Yagoda and I’m addicted to dramatically dark lips. It’s not a problem and I have it under control. Wait, it is and I don’t.

Even though spring is here and paler, pinker shades are en vogue right now, I’m still seduced by the seductively dark lip.

MAC makes the killer, long-lasting Pro Longwear Lip Creme ($16): it’s ultra-pigmented and super rich. I don’t go anywhere without it (not even the shower). If you’re feeling a little dangerous,  I suggest you give one of their dark shades a go, like Prolong or Faithfully Yours.

You too can look this seductive! Well, sort of.