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[awesome and under $5] Wet ‘N’ Wild lip lacquer

6 Apr

There is nothing I enjoy more than browsing around a drug store and buying cosmetics I definitely, definitely don’t need. This habit results in me having boxes and boxes of make-up I never touch, and don’t feel that guilty about not touching because it was so cheap.

I do, however, touch my Wet n Wild lip lacquer often. I even put it on my lips. This may sound like blasphemy, but this $2.99 lipstick has just the same effect as the $30+ Chanel Coco Rouge lipstick. It goes on unbelievably smooth, has just the perfect amount of shine, and is ultra moisturizing. The color selection, while not as wide ranging as Chanel’s, is wearable and chic. Oooh, and it’s moisturizing!

Moral of the story: get it now.


[gaby’s take] Makeup Forever lab shine lip gloss

2 Apr

I’m not a math major, but if I had to estimate, I’d say that my mouth takes up approximately 67% of my face.  That said, I usually steer away from lipsticks because drawing attention to my monstrous gob makes me look a bit like a vampire—the terrifying Nosferatu kind, not the sexy Lestat or True Blood kind.  Gloss is my go-to, and Makeup Forever’s Lab Shine Diamond Collection Tangerine shade is a subtle shimmery gloss that doesn’t draw too much attention to my disproportionately large mouth.  Is it tangerine-colored as the name would suggest? Nahhh… It’s actually near impossible to tell that there is any tint to the translucent gloss at all.  I asked a few friends if they could guess what color my lip gloss was, and the best answer I got was a hesitant, “shiny?”  The gloss is not too sticky or heavy, and it smells fresh and pleasant, but there is nothing jaw-droppingly extraordinary about it.  It dosn’t make you shout “WOW” but overall it’s nice.  Nice is the adjective you use when you cant really think of anything particularly special to say. Does is last forever like the brand name indicates? Nahhh…. But it lasts long enough, so I guess we cant fault them for a little hyperbole.

Can’t stop, won’t stop

23 Mar

My name is Maria Yagoda and I’m addicted to dramatically dark lips. It’s not a problem and I have it under control. Wait, it is and I don’t.

Even though spring is here and paler, pinker shades are en vogue right now, I’m still seduced by the seductively dark lip.

MAC makes the killer, long-lasting Pro Longwear Lip Creme ($16): it’s ultra-pigmented and super rich. I don’t go anywhere without it (not even the shower). If you’re feeling a little dangerous,  I suggest you give one of their dark shades a go, like Prolong or Faithfully Yours.

You too can look this seductive! Well, sort of.

Yay or nay?

21 Mar

This pink lip is good in theory. But for some reason it’s not working for me on Fergie. Maybe because Fergie doesn’t work for me.

[awesome and under $5] NYC Lipstain

13 Mar

If you’ve got some quarters lying around in your purse, be that person at the check-out line who only pays in coins. NYC Color’s Smooch Proof 16H Lipstain ($4.99) is awesome and comes in bold, yet still totally wearable colors. I don’t know about it lasting for 16 hours, but it def gets me through a couple hours of lounging and snacking. I like the fuschia-y, purple-y Berry Long Time shade, which gives the lip a rich flush of color. I’ll layer it over a neutral lip balm to make it last longer and prevent it from drying out.

Pink lips are perfect for spring

12 Mar

To lips everywhere — watch out for Lisa Rinna

6 Oct

Rumor has it she’s gonna get her top lip reduced! After having it injected with some chemicals a good while back, as you can probs tell.

BECCA: lip / cheek crème

24 Sep

I’m a busy kid. I have to go to class and do homework and stuff. Which is why I want my make-up to be relatively simple. Multi-functional make-up is an extra plus. I’ve been looking for products that do it all.

So I was very intrigued when I came across BECCA’s Lip and Cheek Crème ($29). Yes, lip and cheek cremes have been around for a long time. But I’ve always been skeptical. My grandma used to put her lipstick on her cheeks as blush, and it just didn’t work. And she’s a beautiful lady.

My verdict: Ok, ok. I could use this. I absolutely looved the color on my cheek. Very blendable and easy to apply. On the face it has the perfect amount of pigmentation. On the lips? Not so blendable. It comes out matte on the lip — which I normally like — but it didn’t work with my lip’s natural color. It kind of looked like play make-up, if that even exists. 10 minutes after application, however, the lip color looked nice and natural. But I don’t usually have the time to wait 10 minutes for my make-up to look acceptable.

I think the colors they have — which are all very pretty — would work nicely with paler skins. I do think that this product is worth it to buy even just for the cheek. It makes a phenomenal blush.

Not sure how I feel about this…

3 Sep

I”m all for experimental lips. Well, actually not really, I think only models can do cray cray stuff to their lips, and only in the context of fashion shows or editorials. I stumbled upon this Dior model in French Vogue and was at first revolted. But then I got used to it. But then I went back to revolted. I just don’t know. It almost seems like she got punched?

First day of classes

1 Sep

Today is my first day of classes! Yay! I’m actually really excited to start learning stuff again. It’s been a very long time. In any case, here’s what I’m wearing on my face:

  • LANCOME Teint Idole Silky Mat foundation
  • BENEFIT Stay Don’t Stray eye primer
  • BENEFIT Erase Paste concealer (puttin’ that shit under my eyes to get rid of absurd bags)
  • CLINIQUE Black Honey lips
  • CARGO eyeshadow, blush