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Reviewed: Kate Somerville Somer360 towelettes

28 Sep

Guest blogger Evin McMullen’s take on Kate Somerville’s tanning towelettes :

I secretly believe that one day I will be a bronzed goddess.  Despite hours and hours in the sun, oodles of horrid sunburns and numerous instances of peely charred skin, I refuse to give up the dream of a deep, shimmery tan.  At the end of this summer, which I spent in Los Angeles, I was devastated to find that my pasty coloring was not in fact sun-kissed skin and hot enough to melt a popsicle, as promised byKaty Perry in California Girls.  Not  wanting to return to the East Coast social scene without a beachy glow, I set out to fake the seasonal shades that my friends had earned over a few weekends on the Vineyard and in the Hamptons.  I decided that I needed a serious partner in crime. A real savior.  Something to give me that heavenly glow visible on most of my friends and in certain paintings of Jesus.  I hit up the much beloved Kate Somerville Somer360 towlettes, allegedly the secret to a honeyed hue for ghosts like me.  The towlettes wiped on invisibly, around 8pm, and didn’t seem to show up much in the next few hours.  The next morning, I awoke wearing tights.  Well, not really.  But it looked like I was wearing footless orange tights.  I had failed to wipe below my ankles, so I had an awkward squiggle between my normal color and this trying-to-be-tan-y.  I had also missed a few spots, so my painted-on legwear had a few holes.  Aside from the inconsistency, the citrusy look only lasted until my first shower, and then faded into a tolerable color of believable.  If I had more of the towlettes, I probably could have fixed the blotches–that being said, few people seemed to notice them without me pointing them out.  In fact, I had quite a few astonished compliments on my tan!  I’d give these a B-, but they were a pretty good set of fake-bake training wheels compared to the clownish outcomes I’ve seen on my friends.  Make sure you only use them in seasons where you could be plausibly tan, and keep a little extra to fix the bits you miss!


EradiKate: Day 13

13 Sep

As you may or may not know, I’ve been testin’ out Kate Somerville’s EradiKate, which is her sulfur-based spot treatment. It’s a weird pinkish type sediment that sits at the bottom of a little bottle, with a clear liquid on top. You aren’t supposed to shake it, so just stick in a Q-tip and put it on wherevz.

And oh my gawd, it’s working wonders! First of all, it’s preventative. I haven’t had any nasty new breakouts. Second of all, it treats those m***** f****** like crazy! Without drying out your skin. I love this stuff. It’s definitely going to be a permanent player in my morning routine.

EradiKate : Day 5

6 Sep

Some people spend their whole lives looking for the perfect mate. Others spend their whole lives looking for fulfillment and happiness. And others, ie me, spend their whole lives looking for the perfect spot treatment.

And in my 19 years, I have yet to find one.

Which is why when I got Kate Somerville’s EradiKate, a sulfur based acne treatment, I didn’t expect much. I’ve learned to not get my hopes up so as not to get disappointed. Yeah, I’m jaded.

In any case, I’ve been on Eradikate for five days, and I actually really like it. You dip a Q-tip into the bottom of the little jar, where all of the pink sediment is, and then you swab it over problem areas. It tingles at first, but then your skin gets used to it. I can imagine though, that if you have super sensitive skin, this may be a problem. But for me, the treatment wasn’t at all drying. On fact, the pinkness of the solution worked almost like a concealer, and neutralized the redness of my blemishes / acne scars, and left a nice base over which to apply my foundation.

In terms of spot reduction, well, it’s only been five days. I’ll keep yall updated. But right now, I like what I see. I definitely haven’t gotten any new pimples, and I think I discern a slight decrease in existing ones.

I’ll check in again on day 10.