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[not feeling it] Hillary Duff’s new bangs

1 Apr

(The coloring is also TOTALLY off. Fix yo roots!)


[cannot live without] Oscar Blandi dry shampoo

15 Mar

Ever feel too tired to shower? Your answer may be, “No, I always value personal hygiene!” While I think cleanliness is important, sometimes I can’t muster up  the energy to shower. And unfortunately, my hair gets real greasy, real fast. This is why dry shampoo is the best thing to happen to me since being born. More specifically, Oscar Blandi’s dry shampoo. Just work a little bit of it into your hair and all greasy goes away, plus it adds volume. Sometimes I use it even if my hair has recently been showered, just because it adds a little oomph. This product is also great for traveling, especially hostel hopping, when you’re not sure of viable shower options will present themselves.

Fab hair from London Fashion Week

14 Mar

I want it.

Get it, girl. Work.

Glasses not included.

Piece-y bangs for maximum edge.

Young and fresh.

Bangs or no bangs?

26 Aug


21 Aug

Beauty deal

12 Aug

$55, marked down from $110!

Corioliss straighteners and curling irons are about 50% of at Gilt, the members-only site that sells designer goodies for way cheap…or at least a lot cheaper than they would have cost. Don’t worry if you’re not a member, it’s mad easy to request membership. Just click on the “Request Membership” button on the home page. Not so hard, right?

A la mode: cheveux plaqués

11 Aug

It seems like e’rybody is going for the slick, sleek, and quite frankly greasy look on the runway. I think it works for the most part, but it’s definitely one of those looks that would make a normal person look disgusting and certifiably insane. I feel like this is a Do Not Try This at Home type of situation.

Alexander Wang

Narciso Rodriguez

Carolina Herrara

Calvin Klein

Bravo Brit

6 Aug

Courtesy of perezhilton

Celebrity blogger / douchelord Perez Hilton recently posted pictures of Britney Spears to scold her for wearing a shirt as a dress and then not wearing underwear. But I was more stunned by how beautiful Brit’s hair looked, compared to its usually ratty, greasy, unhealthy self. It actually doesn’t make me want to avert my eyes! Way to go, girl.

A spell must have backfired or something

5 Aug

Courtesy of

Fekking obsessed with Fekkai

5 Aug

So I’ve already sang the praises of Fekkai’s glossing cream, which is the perfect product for kicking humiditiy’s ass and maintaining smooth and silky hair. Just work this product into damp, clean hair and it works its wonders.

But why stop there? Fekkai has a lovely conditioner/shampoo that goes with this cream, and this trio all together works really fabulously. The shampoo has grape extract, sunflower seed extract, and olive oil. That sounds really good, right? Not exactly sure what they are supposed to do, but whatever they do, it works.

The shampoo and conditioner are basically good for all hair types–thin, thick, colored, curly, straight. Because everybody wants glossy, lush locks.