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Fekking obsessed with Fekkai

5 Aug

So I’ve already sang the praises of Fekkai’s glossing cream, which is the perfect product for kicking humiditiy’s ass and maintaining smooth and silky hair. Just work this product into damp, clean hair and it works its wonders.

But why stop there? Fekkai has a lovely conditioner/shampoo that goes with this cream, and this trio all together works really fabulously. The shampoo has grape extract, sunflower seed extract, and olive oil. That sounds really good, right? Not exactly sure what they are supposed to do, but whatever they do, it works.

The shampoo and conditioner are basically good for all hair types–thin, thick, colored, curly, straight. Because everybody wants glossy, lush locks.


Dealing with the humidity

13 Jul

Summer means three things for me.

  1. Feeling justified in spending hours and hours of watching online television.
  2. McDonald’s soft-serve. Every. Night.
  3. The fucking humidity.
I’ve been trying to figure out ways of protecting my hair against that satanic moisture known as humidity. Remember that episode of Friends in Bermuda when Monica plays ping pong and its really humid and she morphs into a brunette Carrot Top? I could totes relate to her situation.

But I think I’ve actually finally maybe found a product that can control the beast that is my hair. When I use Fekkai Smoothing Cream I feel like I’m giving my hair a couple good doses of tranquilizers. Because it finally chills out and relaxes. I highly recommend it.

Thank you for saving my life.

Product: Fekkai Glossing Cream

Price: $23

Grade: A

Comments: I could settle down and start a life with this product. Drop everything you are doing and go buy it.