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[in love with] Tarte bronzer

28 Mar

It’s getting to be that time of year (wishful thinking?) when I want to look bronzed and shimmery. I mean, it’s practically almost summer.

I’ve had a lot of bronzers in my day, and most of them have worked just fine. I like Cargo’s bronzer, even Jane’s, that dinky drugstore makeup brand. But all of my previous bronzers have been a bit too heavy. They’ve gone over my makeup without really blending or giving the illusion of a natural flush/glow.

Tarte’s bronzer is almost like a translucent powder. It’s very subtle and natural looking and definitely suitable for everyday wear. As always, Tarte is awesome about using the best, organic ingredients, so you know it won’t make you break out.


BECCA: lip / cheek crème

24 Sep

I’m a busy kid. I have to go to class and do homework and stuff. Which is why I want my make-up to be relatively simple. Multi-functional make-up is an extra plus. I’ve been looking for products that do it all.

So I was very intrigued when I came across BECCA’s Lip and Cheek Crème ($29). Yes, lip and cheek cremes have been around for a long time. But I’ve always been skeptical. My grandma used to put her lipstick on her cheeks as blush, and it just didn’t work. And she’s a beautiful lady.

My verdict: Ok, ok. I could use this. I absolutely looved the color on my cheek. Very blendable and easy to apply. On the face it has the perfect amount of pigmentation. On the lips? Not so blendable. It comes out matte on the lip — which I normally like — but it didn’t work with my lip’s natural color. It kind of looked like play make-up, if that even exists. 10 minutes after application, however, the lip color looked nice and natural. But I don’t usually have the time to wait 10 minutes for my make-up to look acceptable.

I think the colors they have — which are all very pretty — would work nicely with paler skins. I do think that this product is worth it to buy even just for the cheek. It makes a phenomenal blush.

For the best O-face ever…

28 Jul

My new bff.

Check out Nars’ revolutionary make-up stick The Multiple, in the cult-classic Orgasm shade. This is the ultimate multi-purpose make-up tool. In fact, it’s the ultimate multi-purpose life tool. Who needs friends, school, jobs, or families when you have The Multiple to satisfy you? Use it on your eyes, cheeks, lips and body for a glamorous, delicate, peachy flush. I am often wary of cream blushes applied in stick form, which can end up looking like you just took lipstick and tried to blend it in on your face. But The Multiple is very easy to apply and blend, and illuminates and sculpts pretty much everything that it touches.

Product: Nars’ The Multiple

Price: $38

Grade: A+

Comments: Definitely an over-achiever.