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Lighten up

1 Sep

As today was the first day of classes, I assume things are going to get hectic pretty damn fast. Meetings, classes, exams, papers, all-nighters, yada yada yada. This means lack of sleep. This means sleepy face. Drinking coffee will help, but it definitely won’t get rid of the bags under your eyes. Here’s how to fake awakeness with make-up!

  • Put concealer under your eyes. I cannot stress this enough. If there is one piece of make-up you put on in the morning (well, besides mascara), it should be concealer under the eyes! It makes everything pop and gets rid of the droopies. I recommend BENEFIT’s Erase Paste ($27), but really anything will do as long as it’s the right shade.

  • Load up on mascara. I’ve recently discovered that for maximum fabulosity of lashes, it really helps to apply multiple coats. Even if you think just one coat does the trick. I also recommend curling your lashes, which will brighten up your eyes loads. Right now I’m using DIOR’s Diorshow Mascara ($24).
  • Exfoliate. As I’m sure you know, exfoliating scrubs away dead skin cells and leaves your skin smooth and radiant. Everybody should exfoliate, even if you think your skin is too sensitive–I promise you can find the right fit for you. I like ST. IVES Apricot Scrub ($3). I don’t think it’s necessary to splurge on exfoliators. As long as there’s some sort of scrubby agent, it will do the trick.
  • Do not be afraid of white eyeliner. A little bit of white eyeliner on the inside corner of your eyes does wonders. If you don’t believe me, check out the picture.

White eyeliner can do magical things.


First day of classes

1 Sep

Today is my first day of classes! Yay! I’m actually really excited to start learning stuff again. It’s been a very long time. In any case, here’s what I’m wearing on my face:

  • LANCOME Teint Idole Silky Mat foundation
  • BENEFIT Stay Don’t Stray eye primer
  • BENEFIT Erase Paste concealer (puttin’ that shit under my eyes to get rid of absurd bags)
  • CLINIQUE Black Honey lips
  • CARGO eyeshadow, blush

Hello (almost) Flawless!

16 Aug

My on-again-off-again relationship with Benefit is currently on-again, thanks to Hello Flawless! ($34), my fav pressed powder for the summer. When it comes to powders, I’m not super choosy. To be honest, sometimes I find Covergirl or L’oreal pressed powders work just as well as the high-end stuff. The most important thing when it comes to powders is shade (you do not want a line between your face and neck) and breathability.

The cool thing about Hello Flawless! is that, while there are only 6 shades to choose from, the color blends and adjust to your skins natural tones. I’m currently rocking Honey, which I use as a full coverage foundation, a finishing powder, a mattifier, or just about whatever I want to use it as. Très versatile. I love buildable coverage. The finish is natural, and the powder is SPF 15. Which is good, because I never put on sunscreen. (Don’t hate me.)

My main (and very important) qualm with this product: Terrible packaging. Terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible. After the first week of owning this product, the compact refused to close all the way, so I had to use a rubber band to hold it shut. And then to make matters worse, I dropped it once (just once!) and it all crumbled, so now it’s a loose powder. I guess that one’s kind of my fault, but still.

Can Benefit redeem themselves?

17 Jul

Perhaps. After my horrendous experience with You Rebel!, their new tinted facial moisturizer, I’ve started questioning a lot of things. Can I still trust Benefit? Who am I? What’s life all about?

Of course it didn’t take me too long to buy another Benefit product, because it was actually ON SALE! Make-up at Sephora is rarely rarely on sale. So people really must not have wanted this product. Strangely I was not dissuaded by this. The product was Get Bent, a mascara with a bent wand that is supposed to be like a “push-up bra for your lashes.” Ok. But couldn’t you just use a normal mascara brush and tilt it the way the bent one goes?

Get Bent is a solid mascara. In general Benefit puts out good mascaras–like the whole Bad Gal Lashes line. My main qualm is that the mascara runs faster than me running to get McDonald’s soft-serve ice cream. And that’s fast. But nothing that the occasional smudge check in the mirror can’t fix.

Product: Benefit Get Bent

Price: 15 euro (on sale)

Grade: B +

Comments: Satisfactory performance.