[gaby’s take] Makeup Forever lab shine lip gloss

2 Apr

I’m not a math major, but if I had to estimate, I’d say that my mouth takes up approximately 67% of my face.  That said, I usually steer away from lipsticks because drawing attention to my monstrous gob makes me look a bit like a vampire—the terrifying Nosferatu kind, not the sexy Lestat or True Blood kind.  Gloss is my go-to, and Makeup Forever’s Lab Shine Diamond Collection Tangerine shade is a subtle shimmery gloss that doesn’t draw too much attention to my disproportionately large mouth.  Is it tangerine-colored as the name would suggest? Nahhh… It’s actually near impossible to tell that there is any tint to the translucent gloss at all.  I asked a few friends if they could guess what color my lip gloss was, and the best answer I got was a hesitant, “shiny?”  The gloss is not too sticky or heavy, and it smells fresh and pleasant, but there is nothing jaw-droppingly extraordinary about it.  It dosn’t make you shout “WOW” but overall it’s nice.  Nice is the adjective you use when you cant really think of anything particularly special to say. Does is last forever like the brand name indicates? Nahhh…. But it lasts long enough, so I guess we cant fault them for a little hyperbole.


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