[Gaby’s take] Pink eyeshadow

26 Mar

Review by guest blogger Gabriela Gutierrez:

In two words, I would describe my fashion as “rainbow prostitute.” The shorter the tighter the sparkly-er the mo’ better—that’s what I always say.  Despite this, I’ve only recently started wearing makeup (or at least more makeup than tinted lip gloss and two quick strokes of mascara).  As a newly-deflowered-makeup-virgin, one of the most exciting discoveries has been eye shadow, and I like rub it on with all the vigor of the seven-year-old who, while playing dress-up, stumbles upon mommy’s makeup bag.  My shadow collection has grown to include, teal, purple, green, white, and more purple shadow among other punchy colors.

I was a bit skeptical about pink eye shadow, which seemed a little too Lady-Gaga-with-conjunctivitis even for me, BUT I was totally converted after using Mac’s Rani Frost eye shadow, a loud and shimmery fuchsia. Even when smeared on with about the same skill as that seven-year-old, I received compliments all day, from girls and even a few boys. Cute and playful enough for the daytime, flirty and sassy enough for nighttime, this color is appropriate for more occasions than I would ever expected—I’ve been wearing it day n’ night for the past three days to class, to work, and to parties.  Again, as a newbie I was unsure whether to use a brush or rub it on with a finger and so experimented with both: with a brush I got a richer more saturated color that I paired with purple liner a coat of mascara, and with my finger I applied less for a subtler glowy daytime look.  If you’re like me and love glitter and bright colors, (especially several bright colors at the same time) this shade is a must.


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