Skyn ICELAND: Skincare for stressed skin

5 Oct

This. Stuff. Will. Kinda. Change. Your. Life.

Everyone can relate to stressed skin. Old people, young people, short people, tall people, (insert any adjective here) people. Which is why this is a genius concept–skincare that actually addresses the stuff that stresses out your skin, like wind, heat, actual stress, hormones, etc. etc. I’ve just incorporated their Glacial Face Wash with Biospheric Complex ($30) into my skincare regimen, and damn, my face feels refreshed! Every time I wash my face I feel like I’m getting pampered at a luxurious spa in Iceland. It’s so gentle and creamy and refreshing. I actually look forward to washing my face, even on nights when I come back at 3 am and just want to crawl under the pillows.

It gets better. The Nordic Skin Peel pads ($45) are perfect for after cleansing. There are 60 little, circular pads chalk-full-of exfoliating complexes, fruit extracts, and Icelandic Magic. After wiping my face with one of these, I felt like a dozen cherubs were floating around my face and blowing on it. Amazing, right? It was super tingly, in the best possible way.

Mid terms are coming up. Yuck. That’s why I’m excited to combat stressed, droopy, dull skin with these products.


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