NEED / WANT / LUST : Lace addition

29 Sep

Evin’s ode to lace:

I love lace.  In moderation, in excess, in colors and in basic black, the little flowery patterns add a little sexy pop and dazzle to the most demure of outfits–or push edgy ones over the line into delightful costumey absurdity.   I am elated that this season is dripping in this feminine delicacy, but I fear for its overuse and abuse.  My plan for the defending the sacred strands of this most elaborate of fabrics?  I demand that everyone only engage in one instance of lace at a time.  People need to understand that lace is not a cotton Hanes v-neck tshirt. Lace is not gentle, lace is not kind.  Everyone envies lace.  Lace is boastful, conceited, rude and selfish.  Though it warrants the gravity of biblical references, lace also facilitates whimsy.  Lace is a saucy accent–the back of a tshirt, the overlay of a neutral camisole, the leggings paired with a solid black dress.  One lace is not worn with mixed fibers of another lace. You wouldn’t wear stripes, houndstooth, tweed and madras at the same time.  Please, treat lace with the same deference you would critter pants and cable knits.  Lace plays nicely with dark denim and leather alike, while bringing sass and sweetness to flat boots and handbags too.  Make sure you keep your accessories minimal alongside something lovely and lacey–let the style and flair of your lace shine in its own light. And for heaven’s sake, please don’t wear lacy fingerless gloves.  The lead singer of Sum 41 divorced Avril Lavigne relatively recently.  In a sign of solidarity, we should all divorce her wardrobe too.

This fall, let’s try lace in fun new ways–built into our favorite staples.  Let’s be bold and commit to single pieces with lace accents…and by “bold,” I mean “lazy and resourceful,” because if the lace is already integrated into a piece, we don’t have to clumsily try to marry it off to different begrudgingly accepting parts our wardrobe! College student mentality for the win–let’s make our clothing experiences as close to baby onesies as possible.  Infant-proof styling is certainly good enough for me.

NEED: David Lerner Lace-Back Tank Dress, Neiman Marcus, $220

WANT: Roberto Cavalli Sheer Lace Leggings, Neiman Marcus, $795

LUST: Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci Lace Bag, Barneys New York, $1975


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