Reviewed: Kate Somerville Somer360 towelettes

28 Sep

Guest blogger Evin McMullen’s take on Kate Somerville’s tanning towelettes :

I secretly believe that one day I will be a bronzed goddess.  Despite hours and hours in the sun, oodles of horrid sunburns and numerous instances of peely charred skin, I refuse to give up the dream of a deep, shimmery tan.  At the end of this summer, which I spent in Los Angeles, I was devastated to find that my pasty coloring was not in fact sun-kissed skin and hot enough to melt a popsicle, as promised byKaty Perry in California Girls.  Not  wanting to return to the East Coast social scene without a beachy glow, I set out to fake the seasonal shades that my friends had earned over a few weekends on the Vineyard and in the Hamptons.  I decided that I needed a serious partner in crime. A real savior.  Something to give me that heavenly glow visible on most of my friends and in certain paintings of Jesus.  I hit up the much beloved Kate Somerville Somer360 towlettes, allegedly the secret to a honeyed hue for ghosts like me.  The towlettes wiped on invisibly, around 8pm, and didn’t seem to show up much in the next few hours.  The next morning, I awoke wearing tights.  Well, not really.  But it looked like I was wearing footless orange tights.  I had failed to wipe below my ankles, so I had an awkward squiggle between my normal color and this trying-to-be-tan-y.  I had also missed a few spots, so my painted-on legwear had a few holes.  Aside from the inconsistency, the citrusy look only lasted until my first shower, and then faded into a tolerable color of believable.  If I had more of the towlettes, I probably could have fixed the blotches–that being said, few people seemed to notice them without me pointing them out.  In fact, I had quite a few astonished compliments on my tan!  I’d give these a B-, but they were a pretty good set of fake-bake training wheels compared to the clownish outcomes I’ve seen on my friends.  Make sure you only use them in seasons where you could be plausibly tan, and keep a little extra to fix the bits you miss!


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