Trick of the trade

20 Sep

On Friday, I went to New York City to play, shop, and eat.  One of my favorite city activities is going into Sephora and, despite large men following you around with walkie talkies, trying on everything!

I was in the Times Squire Sephora, doing my thing, when I met this really lovely make-up artist who was a grad student at NYU but did make-up work on the side. She offered me a free make-over, which I held back my squeals to accept, and I learned a fabulous tip:

  • Put concealer both under and on your eyes. Concealer actually works as a fabulous primer for eyeshadow, and it just brightens up your whole eye. It’s quite miraculous, actually. And it intensifies colors and helps things stay put!

And here are some products she recommended:

  • HOURGLASS foundation. She put this stuff on me and I looked air-brushed. So light and breathable.
  • HOURGLASS eyeshadow. They actually have the prettiest colors and palettes ever.
  • URBAN DECAY eye primer. Duh. This is a cult classic. Put this on your eyelids and your shadow aint going no where.
  • LORAC blush. Light, subtle, feminine, pretty.

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