Top Sephora brand picks

15 Sep

Whenever I go to Sephora, I’m overwhelmed by the sheer number of prettily-packaged, fun-smelling, and luxurious make-up products. Oh, and they’re all pretty expensive. But I don’t really notice the exorbitant prices. Once I enter the Sephora zone, paying $26 for a lipstick seems reasonable, even if I normally wouldn’t even pay $5 for a hamburger.

Right now my budget is tight, so I’m paying more attention to prices. Which is why I’ve started taking an interest in Sephora-brand products. While they’re not as prettily-packaged, some Sephora products are very much worth your while.


  1. Mineral Double Compact Foundation, SPF 10 ($22). This is my fav pressed powder, next to Benefit’s Hello Flawless. It’s looks so natural and light, which makes it easy to build up the coverage that you want. And I feel virtuous that there’s SPF in it, because I would never even dream of putting sunscreen on my face (bad, I know.)
  2. Blush Me! Mono ($12). Sephora has an absolutely lovely collection of reasonably priced blushes, from sheer peach to matte roses to pretty pinks. Whatever look you’re going for, they have you covered. I’m kind of obsessed with Abricot Plaisir, a shimmery apricot color. Mmmm.
  3. Jumbo Eye Pencil ($6). Sometimes I am (naturally) intimidated by putting sharp, pointy things near my eyes. Which is why I like these supa fat eye pencils, that glide on supa smooth and come in a bunch of fun colors. Right now I’m digging grey.

Don’t get:

  1. Nail Polish. You’ll be drawn in by the pretty colors, but they suck. Chip within minutes.
  2. Tinted Moisturizer. Unless you like the shiny look. Def go with Laura Mercier.
  3. False eye lashes. This is nothing against Sephora — they just freak me out.

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