It’s really hot and I hate it.

19 Aug

You’ve probably noticed that it’s hot. It’s summer, so clearly hotness makes sense. But I hate it so much. So so so much. I want to wear sweaters and scarves and shirts that cover my flesh.

I know I’m being dramatic, because it is waaaay hotter elsewhere . In fact, I don’t think the temp has even reached 90 here. But whatever. I am going to share with you my TOP 5 Summer Lifesavers.

1. Watermelon. It’s so delicious and refreshing! I could eat it forever. It’s also the funnest fruit — have seed-spittin’ contests with anyone who will participate!

2. True Blood. Also very delicious.

3. Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray eye primer. This stuff is fabulous. It keeps my make-up completely set all day, even when I’m running around in Saharan temperatures, or even when I’m watching an emotional Lifetime movie (and thus bawling).

4. Air Condition. Duuhh.

5. My blender. I’ve been making smoothies and milkshakes nonstop. Give it a go, it’s real simple. Just throw in any frozen fruit you have, some liquid (juice or some sort of dairy), and sweetener.

Another fun thing about watermelon is that if you’re really bored you can make elaborate sculptures out of watermelon flesh. Try making this:


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