Hello (almost) Flawless!

16 Aug

My on-again-off-again relationship with Benefit is currently on-again, thanks to Hello Flawless! ($34), my fav pressed powder for the summer. When it comes to powders, I’m not super choosy. To be honest, sometimes I find Covergirl or L’oreal pressed powders work just as well as the high-end stuff. The most important thing when it comes to powders is shade (you do not want a line between your face and neck) and breathability.

The cool thing about Hello Flawless! is that, while there are only 6 shades to choose from, the color blends and adjust to your skins natural tones. I’m currently rocking Honey, which I use as a full coverage foundation, a finishing powder, a mattifier, or just about whatever I want to use it as. Très versatile. I love buildable coverage. The finish is natural, and the powder is SPF 15. Which is good, because I never put on sunscreen. (Don’t hate me.)

My main (and very important) qualm with this product: Terrible packaging. Terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible. After the first week of owning this product, the compact refused to close all the way, so I had to use a rubber band to hold it shut. And then to make matters worse, I dropped it once (just once!) and it all crumbled, so now it’s a loose powder. I guess that one’s kind of my fault, but still.


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