Say it ain’t so

13 Aug

Courtesy of iStock photo.

Apparently, last year roughly 12,000 teens got Botox. Not for wrinkles, of course, but for “overly square jawlines” and “gummy smiles,” Salon reports. What even is a gummy smile? But perhaps the more relevant question is, what the fuck??

Botox gone awry can cause nerve paralysis, which can lead to facial droop, drooling, or slurred speech. Def not a good look.

And shame on you, Charice Pempengo, the 18-yr-old singer from the Phillepines who is to appear on Glee. Charice recently got Botox to “look fresh” when she “appears in front of the camera.” She wanted to make her face look “less round.” Little girls look up to you, god damnit!

While this is upsetting, I guess it shouldn’t be surprising: the whole phenomenon of teens doing dangerous things in the name of beauty is hardly new. And this brings up an interesting question: what’s the difference between using Botox to alter your appearance and using make-up? Aren’t they serving the same purpose?

I would argue not. Make-up doesn’t chemically alter your face. Make-up is reversible. And the point of make-up, in my opinion, isn’t to cover up or innately change your appearance, but to enhance it, to emphasis your natural beauty. Yet I’m sure many teens don’t see it this way, and turn to make-up (as well as compulsive exercising and dieting) to achieve a never fulfilled idea of beauty, as far away from their “natural beauty” as possible.


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