Not all is well in Parad’eyes

3 Aug

I have been eyeing liquid eyeliner for ages. But I have always been frightened, as I have an extremely unsteady hand and the chances of me pulling off a smooth, clean line seemed highly unlikely. That’s why I always opt for kohl, where a little smudge is all part of the look. But I’m 19 now, and I figured it’s about time I conquered my fears.

I decided to go for a deep blue. I know this is a tricky color to pull off, but I really think it makes my brown eyes pop. I ended up with Givenchy’s Parad’eyes Fluid Eyeliner, my first Givenchy product ever.

Not going to lie, I was kinda disappointed. The color, Blue lagoon, was really fabulous and highly pigmented. But the liquid itself was fairly watery and didn’t really stay put. It got on my lashes, too. Smears very easily, and is def not waterproof.

That said, I know a lot of people that swear by this product, and I’m assuming that these people don’t have spastic hands like I do.

I think my stint with liquid liners is officially over, unless someone can recommend me a foolproof one.

Product: Givenchy Parad’Eyes Fluid Eye Liner

Price: $27

Grade: B-

Comments: Did not live up to it’s potential.


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