ScarJo’s new do, defended

2 Aug

I previously mentioned that I loved her new cut. The guy who cut it, legendary hair stylist Oribe, likes it too.

From Elle Magazine:

What was the inspiration for Johansson’s haircut?
It’s a combination of Brigitte Bardot and Christy Turlington. The line along the bottom is very “Christy”—it’s the precise type of bob Christy had in the early ’90s—but the texture is very Bardot with the face-framing softness.

Why did Johansson decide to lop off so much length?
Her hair was really beautiful—long and gorgeous. But it was getting heavy. Summer is here and Scarlett wanted something fresh that would allow more volume. We designed the haircut together, which is a fairly unique way of cutting hair. I asked her how short she wanted to go and I told her how much she should keep long.

Does this hairstyle complement certain face shapes and hair textures better than others?
This haircut isn’t so drastic—it’s very soft in a way and it can look good on everybody. A medium-length bob like this can be turned into lots of different styles so it doesn’t take a certain type of face shape to pull it off. And you can tailor the layering to complement your specific texture. For example, if you have a natural wave, make the cut less jagged so that the line is still very strong.

How does the texture work with the hairstyle?
It’s cool, young, and easy—perfect for summer.

Any styling tips for achieving Johansson’s chic bedhead?
Scarlett’s hair is naturally straighter. She loves Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, which adds volume and helps create texture, even on hair that doesn’t have much curl. You can dry your hair upside-down, but don’t touch it with a blow-dryer. Instead, let your own natural movement help air-dry the hair and enhance the texture by using the spray at the roots. For extra lift, you can also mist through the hair shaft.

To add more curl—similar to Scarlett’s style last weekend—you can use a curling iron on the mid-shaft of your hair, leaving the ends out. The key is to keep some degree of straightness, but add enough movement to make the style fresh and modern for summer.


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