Cheap alert, cheap alert

2 Aug

This actually looks delicious enough to eat. I bet it tastes like cotton candy. But more likely poison.

Whenever I get bored with my nails — which is quite frequent — I head to my nearest drugstore to find the cheapest possible nail polish I can find, in a color I like. I figure that when I’m experimenting with my nails, I don’t want to spend big bucks on a color that I end up not liking. Because let’s be honest, who actually tries on the tester nail polish at Sephora?

So for less than two dollars (less than two dollars!), I found NYC New York Color’s long-wearing enamel in Polyester Pink Creme. While I have yet to find out whether the polish deserves its “long-wearing” status, it definitely delivers for less than two dollars. I just love this color, especially in the summer, when I want to accentuate my tan as much as humanly possible. And I’ve always been a fan of Pepto Bismal pink.

Note: For rich color, definitely apply 2-3 coats with this polish.


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