Make-up for men

23 Jul

The NY Times published an article in this week’s style section on men wearing makeup, and not necessarily eyeliner of Jack Sparrow / emo rocker fame. Rather, men are increasingly interested in “mattifacation,” the process of reducing the appearance of oiliness on their faces. The market research firm Mintil predicts that 36 new mattifying moisturisers for men will hit the market in 2010. And as a whole, the men’s grooming market (didn’t know this even existed) is really booming.

Jason Chen, grooming editor at GQ, writes, “If your face is oily and sweaty, it looks like you’re not in the control of the situation. Men are not going to powder their faces or walk around with those oil-blotting tissues that women carry, but a mattifying moisturizer is something you can just slap on in the morning. It’s sort of a way for men to have make-up without having makeup.”

Sounds reasonable.

But can’t Jason Chen come up with a better title than “grooming” editor? I feel like the word “grooming” universally has an animal connotation.


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