A big bowl of wrong

22 Jul

I don’t know whether to cry or to laugh at Seventeen’s “How to get your crush in 30 days” guide. I think I’ll go with cry. The following all count as individual tips: Write him a flirty message! Send him a flirty text message! Flirting moves that freak him out! Don’t make these flirting mistakes! Take this flirting challenge!

First of all, Seventeen, chill out with the exclamation points. None of this is that urgent, I promise. Second of all, your readers already have enough to worry about with boys and hormones and body odor. And I don’t think even the boys want to be freaked out by “flirting moves that freak him out.”

In fact I think this whole situation would be ameliorated if everyone put down Seventeen and picked up a book.


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