Can Benefit redeem themselves?

17 Jul

Perhaps. After my horrendous experience with You Rebel!, their new tinted facial moisturizer, I’ve started questioning a lot of things. Can I still trust Benefit? Who am I? What’s life all about?

Of course it didn’t take me too long to buy another Benefit product, because it was actually ON SALE! Make-up at Sephora is rarely rarely on sale. So people really must not have wanted this product. Strangely I was not dissuaded by this. The product was Get Bent, a mascara with a bent wand that is supposed to be like a “push-up bra for your lashes.” Ok. But couldn’t you just use a normal mascara brush and tilt it the way the bent one goes?

Get Bent is a solid mascara. In general Benefit puts out good mascaras–like the whole Bad Gal Lashes line. My main qualm is that the mascara runs faster than me running to get McDonald’s soft-serve ice cream. And that’s fast. But nothing that the occasional smudge check in the mirror can’t fix.

Product: Benefit Get Bent

Price: 15 euro (on sale)

Grade: B +

Comments: Satisfactory performance.


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