Splurge of the week / my lifetime

15 Jul

Ordinarily I am a very prudent shopper. When I enter a store, I immediately put my head down and march to the back where the sales are (you think I’m exaggerating…). Yet when it comes to make-up, none of my normal rules apply.

So...I'd like to be her.

I’ve been eying Chanel’s new lipstick, Coco Rouge, ever since it launched early this year. Billboards and magazines and subway stops were plastered with this strangely alluring ad, that convinced me that if I bought this lipstick, I would become exactly like the model.

That turned out to be false, but the lipstick is really great. I’m normally not a lipstick person. In fact the last time I wore lipstick was for my middle school’s production of Ann of Green Gables, for which I played towns person #53. But Coco Rouge isn’t over dramatic and doesn’t give me that I’m-7-and-I’m-wearing-my-mother’s-lipstick look. And it’s actually more moisturizing than chapstick (then again, I think chapstick is a scam and actually makes lips chapter).

Product: Chanel Coco Rouge (shade 26)

Price: $30

Grade: A-

Comments: I hope you still have some leftover Bah Mitzvah money because this is totally worth it.


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