Eye infections are not cute…or are they?

13 Jul

I am the queen of pink, swollen eyes. Because I am very irresponsible with my contact lenses, I suffer unfortunate consequences, most of which turn my eyes pink and swollen. Which is why I am surprised to find people on the street actually going for that look with pink eyeshadow. I think it is extremely difficult to pull off, and should you try to, there’s a 95% chance you will end up looking sickly.



One Response to “Eye infections are not cute…or are they?”

  1. Tory July 14, 2010 at 12:08 am #

    Well I think it depends on the shade. Hot pink eye shadow is obviously retarded, but like a blush tone that has shimmer in it is a really nice base coat. Bare Escentuals makes a really nice one that I use sometimes.

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