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Mad Men, beautiful women

29 Jul

Christina Hendricks and January Jones at the July 20th premier of Mad Man. Both stunning ladies are wearing NARS make-up.

(Courtesy of Makeup4ever)

(Courtesy of Makeup4ever)


If lip plumper, lip liner, and lip stick got together and had a baby…

29 Jul

The baby’s name would be Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Stick. Buxom, the new line from Bare Essentials cosmetics, tries its best to be sassy and edgy. After all, their website says they “don’t take themselves, or any rules, too seriously. Adopt these rules, and you’ll be a true Buxom girl in no time.”


That’s all well and good, but do they take their cosmetics seriously?

I was intrigued by the Big and Healthy Lip Stick, which appealed to my lazy sensibilities with it’s 3-in-1 claim. Verdict: This stick actually majorly plumps up your lips (lots of tingles), and leaves a really smooth, velvety, and bold finish. Emphasis on the bold. If I were more confident I would totally rock these, but I felt a little cartoonish in some of the shades. Because they actually come out on your lips like they look on the stick itself.

The color is extremely easy to apply and very, very long-lasting,

Quick, before it’s too late!

28 Jul

I’m going to give you an insider’s tip just because I love you: pretty much all Cargo products on Sephora’s website are on sale, with discounts up to 75%!

So that’s where I’ll be for the next 5 hours…

For the best O-face ever…

28 Jul

My new bff.

Check out Nars’ revolutionary make-up stick The Multiple, in the cult-classic Orgasm shade. This is the ultimate multi-purpose make-up tool. In fact, it’s the ultimate multi-purpose life tool. Who needs friends, school, jobs, or families when you have The Multiple to satisfy you? Use it on your eyes, cheeks, lips and body for a glamorous, delicate, peachy flush. I am often wary of cream blushes applied in stick form, which can end up looking like you just took lipstick and tried to blend it in on your face. But The Multiple is very easy to apply and blend, and illuminates and sculpts pretty much everything that it touches.

Product: Nars’ The Multiple

Price: $38

Grade: A+

Comments: Definitely an over-achiever.

Birth of Burberry cosmetics

27 Jul

Your fav trench coat makers and one of the top knocked-off brands is coming out with a new cosmetics line. Their palates are light, natural, and classic, with an emphasis on nude shades. The packaging is stellar, with their signature pattern ingrained on the make-up itself.  The line has just debuted in Nordstrom’s, but will branch out into other high-end department stores later next year. Lip pencils run at $24, foundation at $59. Which is a lot.

Chief creative officer of Burberry, Christopher Bailey, says of the launch:

It all started because I felt that, at shows and the shoots, the whole [Burberry] attitude is epitomised through the shoes, the bags, the clothes, the accessories, but then the face was the one thing I really struggled with. When we were doing make-up, I felt like we weren’t able to get the right attitude. It was either caked-on make-up or then just the wrong colours, the wrong tones, the wrong spirit for make-up. I wanted it to be this kind of effortless elegance.”

Effortless elegance sounds good to me. I’m excited to check these products out ASAP.



Twilight bites

26 Jul


I’m not going to lie– I anticipate every Twilight movie like a giddy pre-teen. I think they’re absolutely hilarious, and I love being surrounded by middle-aged women who get all hot and bothered when Jacob gratuitously takes off his shirt in every scene. I love watching KStew attempt, with her hair flicks, down-turned-eyes, and sighs, to bring to life such a flat character. While I don’t think the Twilight movies are particularly good, this doesn’t really concern me. My favorite genre of film is the so-bad-it’s-good kind, which is why Twilight is a go to staple.

However, Eclipse left me disappointed. Why? Well first of all, Jacob’s shirt was on too much. Second of all, there wasn’t enough of Bella’s clearly more interesting, funnier friend, played by the fabulous Anna Kendrick. But above all, this film just reeked of mormonism. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with mormons. But I hate it when morality infiltrates my movies, especially stupid movies. Take the bedroom scene: Edward is concerned with saving Bella’s “virtue,” and thus saving her soul, so he refuses to have sex with her. This is supposed to be romantic, but I find it a little disturbing. Are they serious about this “virtue” thing? And is it really Edward’s place to protect it? Why can’t Bella decide what she does with said virtue. The underlying assumption that Bella needs to be taken care of–constantly–is an important component of her romantic relationships, and thus what girls (and middle-aged women) who are watching the films will idealize.

Also, Bella is definitely wearing a really nice matte, darkish lip color that I must have. But as usually, she is wearing significantly less makeup than Edward, who must take soooo long getting ready in the morning what with all that white pressed powder, red lip and cheek stain, and sparkles.

LOVE Scarjo’s new cut

26 Jul

Horizontal lines, not just for unflattering sweaters

25 Jul

Jean Paul Gaultier, Fall 2010. (Courtesy of Elle)

Jean Paul Gaultier, Fall 2010. (Courtesy of Elle)


Jean Paul Gaultier, Fall 2010. (Courtesy of Elle)

Quadruple threat: Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser

25 Jul

Tinted moisturizer is a girl's best friend.

I am always reluctant to use moisturizer — I have oily skin, so I always figured adding more oil to my face was not the best idea. Turns out, moisturizers don’t have to have oil, and they don’t have to make you shiny, and, they can actually give you coverage. Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer is really spectacular. Oil-free, lightweight, SPF, and moisturizing, there is nothing that this tube can’t do for your face. It’s a summer essential, when you need to retain moisture and protect yourself from the sun but don’t want to look slimy and disgusting.

Product: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

Price: $42

Grade: A

Comments: Head of the class.

Make-up for men

23 Jul

The NY Times published an article in this week’s style section on men wearing makeup, and not necessarily eyeliner of Jack Sparrow / emo rocker fame. Rather, men are increasingly interested in “mattifacation,” the process of reducing the appearance of oiliness on their faces. The market research firm Mintil predicts that 36 new mattifying moisturisers for men will hit the market in 2010. And as a whole, the men’s grooming market (didn’t know this even existed) is really booming.

Jason Chen, grooming editor at GQ, writes, “If your face is oily and sweaty, it looks like you’re not in the control of the situation. Men are not going to powder their faces or walk around with those oil-blotting tissues that women carry, but a mattifying moisturizer is something you can just slap on in the morning. It’s sort of a way for men to have make-up without having makeup.”

Sounds reasonable.

But can’t Jason Chen come up with a better title than “grooming” editor? I feel like the word “grooming” universally has an animal connotation.