Something is off here

8 Apr

But I can’t put my finger on it.

Too pale? Too much blush? Fake smile?


[awesome and under $5] Wet ‘N’ Wild lip lacquer

6 Apr

There is nothing I enjoy more than browsing around a drug store and buying cosmetics I definitely, definitely don’t need. This habit results in me having boxes and boxes of make-up I never touch, and don’t feel that guilty about not touching because it was so cheap.

I do, however, touch my Wet n Wild lip lacquer often. I even put it on my lips. This may sound like blasphemy, but this $2.99 lipstick has just the same effect as the $30+ Chanel Coco Rouge lipstick. It goes on unbelievably smooth, has just the perfect amount of shine, and is ultra moisturizing. The color selection, while not as wide ranging as Chanel’s, is wearable and chic. Oooh, and it’s moisturizing!

Moral of the story: get it now.

New face (hair?) of John Freida

6 Apr

[beauty inspiration]

5 Apr

[gaby’s take] Makeup Forever lab shine lip gloss

2 Apr

I’m not a math major, but if I had to estimate, I’d say that my mouth takes up approximately 67% of my face.  That said, I usually steer away from lipsticks because drawing attention to my monstrous gob makes me look a bit like a vampire—the terrifying Nosferatu kind, not the sexy Lestat or True Blood kind.  Gloss is my go-to, and Makeup Forever’s Lab Shine Diamond Collection Tangerine shade is a subtle shimmery gloss that doesn’t draw too much attention to my disproportionately large mouth.  Is it tangerine-colored as the name would suggest? Nahhh… It’s actually near impossible to tell that there is any tint to the translucent gloss at all.  I asked a few friends if they could guess what color my lip gloss was, and the best answer I got was a hesitant, “shiny?”  The gloss is not too sticky or heavy, and it smells fresh and pleasant, but there is nothing jaw-droppingly extraordinary about it.  It dosn’t make you shout “WOW” but overall it’s nice.  Nice is the adjective you use when you cant really think of anything particularly special to say. Does is last forever like the brand name indicates? Nahhh…. But it lasts long enough, so I guess we cant fault them for a little hyperbole.

[not feeling it] Hillary Duff’s new bangs

1 Apr

(The coloring is also TOTALLY off. Fix yo roots!)

Where’s spring?

1 Apr

Add some edge and go for a pastel smoky eye.

Here are some must have beauty products for spring, when it finally decides to come.

1)   Tinted moisturizer. Light coverage is what it’s all about this season. Bonus points for SPF—the suns getting stronger everyday (hard to believe now, but…) and the number one tip universally of beauty editors is to SPF everyday to keep your skin young looking.

— Top Picks: Allison Raffaele, Laura Mercier, Hope in a Tinted Moisturizer

2)   Brown mascara. Lighten up your look, naturally. Have people notice your eyelashes being mad long, full, and curled without being able to guess that you’re wearing mascara.

— Top Picks: BECCA

3)   Pastel shades: This time of year reminds me of easter eggs and babies dressed in pastel-colored easter dresses. Maybe that’s just me. How does this relate to what color eye shadow you wear? The bottom line is that bright, pastel shades are hot for spring. Just make sure you don’t overdo it  by doing it on your lips, too.

— Top Picks: MAC and Sephora have a wide range of affordable eye shadows.

4)   Fruity frangrances: The key here is to not go crazy. You’ll want to choose a fragrance with subtle, fruity undertones.

— Top Pics: Fresh offers a ton of scrumptious scents with fruity notes.

How to not get burned…

31 Mar

When you apply bronzer. Tip compliments of O Magazine.

Layer a cream or liquid bronzer underneath a powder to keep the finish from looking two dry and flat. With your ring finger (which applies less pressure and product than your pointer finger), dot the color along your hairlines above your temples, over your cheekbones toward your nose, and then down along your jawline, 


RIP Fatty Lash

31 Mar

Today I dropped my fav mascara in the world—Urban Decay’s Fatty Lash—in the toilet. Yeah, it’s one of those days. 


[vanity] Kim Kardashian at the dentist

30 Mar